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António Pedroso

The passion for stone is hard to explain.

The fact that he was practically born in the quarry of Alpalhão made António Pedroso a lover of the granites that carefully come out of the bowels of the earth.

They are large blocks of a unique gray that give rise to well polished plates that are distributed by several parts of the world. Whether for kitchen or bathroom countertops, wall and floor coverings and even for funerary decoration, we can find the Granite of Alpalhão a little everywhere.

António Pedroso takes on the role of sculptor, working both arts as a way to create something from the rough block. There are those who say that the sculpting bed does not create anything, because it only removes the excess that surrounds the piece that exists there. Easy to say, but only within reach of true artists.

Integrated in the Festival and distributed throughout the common areas of Hotel Monte Filipe, we can find several works by António Pedroso as well as pieces by other authors belonging to his personal collection.

Some of the Stones at the Exhibition

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