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The Festival englobe a set of events linked to the Pedestrian and Trekking, with the Public Statuary Gallery in Alpalhão (Alentejo, Portugal) as its dominant theme. The combination of Tourism of Nature and Art is something unprecedented that can be well enjoyed throughout these days.

It is aimed at the public lover of Art and of Walking and presents a series of events destined to tourism professionals.

For the public has a central activity of Walks throughout the period, being the weekend of Guided Tours and during the weekdays Guided Tours, a set of Conferences on Art and Artistic Workshops to learn and experience.

The Professional Events program features a Tourism Seminar, Recruitment and Motivation Session, Fam Fam National and International Press Trip.

16 November 2018 - Friday

15: 00h - Reception of national operators for Fam Trip. View FAM-TRIP PRESS-TRIP
18: 00h - Presentation of the territory in informal session.
20: 00h - Official opening of the Festival.
20: 30h - Dinner with national operators and guests.

17 November 2018 - Saturday
10: 00h - Pedestrian Guided Tour "Public Gallery of Statuary Art of Alpalhão". See PEDESTRIAN TOURS
Includes Fam Trip Tour Operators.
14: 00h - Buffet Lunch at Hotel Monte Filipe.
15: 30h - Guided tour in Castelo de Vide for tour operators. View FAM-TRIP PRESS-TRIP
16:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. - Artistic Workshop - Nisa's Bills at Hotel Monte Filipe. View WORKSHOPS
20: 30h - Talk Talk about the Biennial Art of Stone in Alpalhão in the years 2001, 2003 and 2005.
Open to the public. View CONFERENCES

18 November 2018 - Sunday
10: 00h - Pedestrian Guided Tour "Arribas do Tejo" - Gavião. See PEDESTRIAN TOURS
16: 00h - 18: 00h - Artistic Workshop - Soap Arts - Belver Soap Museum See WORKSHOPS

19 November 2018 - Monday

10: 00h - Pedestrian walks of Castelo de Vide in a system of Self Guided. See PEDESTRIAN TOURS
Supply of navigation kit and snack.
- Pedestrian Tour of Torrinha
- Walking Tour of Fontes de Castelo de Vide
- Walking Tour of the Serra de São Paulo

20 November 2018 - Tuesday
10: 00h - Marvão Pedestrian walks in a Self Guided System. See PEDESTRIAN TOURS
Supply of navigation kit and snack.
- Walking Tour of Marvão
- Walking Tour of the Eyes of Water
15: 00h - Artistic Conference - The Art of Roman Sculpture in the City of Ammaia
City Museum of Ammaia - By Joaquim Carvalho, Director of the City Museum of Ammaia. View CONFERENCES

21 November 2018 - Wednesday
09: 30h - 13: 30h - Recruitment and Motivation Day for Local Guides for Pedestrian Tours at the Portalegre School of Tourism.
Dynamics of knowledge sharing and assessment of basic skills. Up to 15 participants. SEE RECRUITMENT
10: 00h - Guided walking tours of Gavião and Portalegre in a self-guided system. See PEDESTRIAN TOURS
Supply of navigation kit and snack.
- Passeio Pedestre (Gavião) Ecological Corridor of Ribeira de Alferreireira and Barrocas
- Walking Tour (Portalegre) Cold Hall
15:00 - Artistic Conference - The Contemporary Art of Maria Leal da Costa in Marvão and in the World
Quinta do Barrieiro, Marvão, by Maria Leal da Costa. View CONFERENCES

22 November 2018 - Thursday

Reflection Seminar on Tourism of Pedestrian Tours in Alentejo, Hotel Monte Filipe, Alpalhão
10:00 a.m. - Opening Session
10: 30h - Morning Panel
- The public use for Nature Tourism of private rural roads in the Alentejo and Ribatejo - Public dominance and service for hiking the ancestral, historical, natural and rural paths.
12:30 a.m. - Conference by Rui Laginha
"Nature Tourism will be the last opportunity for Homo Sapiens?"
14: 30h - Afternoon Panel
- The networks of footpaths in the Alentejo and Ribatejo and the integrated promotion at regional and national level for the internal and external markets - The idea, the markets, the structuring, the design, the signaling, the promotion, the brand activation, the assessment.
19: 00h - Reception to Press Trip's invited foreign journalists and bloggers. View FAM-TRIP PRESS-TRIP

23 November 2018 - Friday
10: 00h - Pedestrian walks of Nisa in system of Self-guided. See PEDESTRIAN TOURS
Supply of navigation kit and snack.
- Walking Tour to the Discovery of São Miguel
- Pedestrian Walk of the Conhal Gold Mine
10: 00h - Pedestrian Guided Tour "Public Gallery of Statuary Art of Alpalhão" for the International Press Trip.
13:00 - Lunch Picnic Campestre.
Visit to Marvão - Presentation of the territory and nature tourism. View FAM-TRIP PRESS-TRIP
Sunset in Marvão.

24 November 2018 - Saturday

10: 00h - Guided Pedestrian Tour "Seda Ribeira Route", Silk Village, Alter do Chão. See PEDESTRIAN TOURS
Includes Press Trip Journalists and Bloggers.
16: 00h - 19: 00h - Artistic Workshop - Arts of Embroidery and Applied, at the Hotel Monte Filipe, Alpalhão. View WORKSHOPS
20: 00h - Dinner Party with Musical Animation.

25 November 2018 - Sunday

10: 00h - Pedestrian Guided Tour "Public Gallery of Statuary Art of Alpalhão". See PEDESTRIAN TOURS
14:00 - Closing of the Festival.

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