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Being a Monitor and Guide to Pedestrian Tours is a very special activity, extremely attractive and with enormous potential of work in Portugal, with special relevance to the Alentejo, where the offer of Pedestrian Tours and of Events of Hiking is growing.

Is it within reach of anyone to be a Walking Tour Guide?
What are the main skills and aptitudes to be a Walking Tour Guide?
Is this the opportunity to start the career of a Walking Tour Guide?

In partnership with the School of Tourism of Portalegre will be made a session of Recruitment and Motivation for those interested in accessing the career of Guide to Pedestrian Tours in Alto Alentejo.

Identify the personal capacities of knowledge, communication, motivation and know-how to be in the perspective of recruiting for Guide to Pedestrian Tours in Alto Alentejo.

Date, Time and Place
21 November 2018 - Wednesday - 09:30 to 13:30
School of Tourism of Portalegre [Fábrica Robinson - Largo do Jardim Operário, 5 - Portalegre]
Meeting in the place between 09:00 to 09:30 - No flaws.

Anyone who feels like having a career as a Walking Tour Guide.
Men or women, of any age, students, employees, unemployed.
Participation is FREE.

Starting skills
Taste for Nature and Culture
High general culture
Good communication and leadership skills
Willingness to work on weekends and out of "normal hours"

All participants will receive Certificate of Participation with the degree of fitness for the performance of the activity of Guide of Pedestrian Tours

After the Recruitment Session, there will be a generalized dissemination of the contacts of the participants who obtain a positive evaluation so that they can be contacted by the Tourist Animation Companies, Tour Operators, Hotel Units and Municipalities for the performance of a Guide to Pedestrian Tours in the Region of Alto Alentejo.

Send the following data to the email alentejo@portugalwalkingfestival.com
- Full name
- Date of birth
- Email
- Mobile Phone
- Facebook profile
- Instagram
- Linkedin
- Pintrest
- Twitter
- Other Social Networks
- Postal address (Address, Postal Code, City)
- Current professional / academic activity
- Complete the sentence: I want to be a Pedestrian Walker in Alentejo because ...

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