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Art in its most diverse aspects plays an essential role in the Alto Alentejo. Sometimes more erudite, sometimes more popular, it is always assumed as an inheritance of past peoples, of ancestral knowledge, of unique learning.

An Arts and Hiking Festival has unique experiences and these can be learned from who knows. With the artisans, with the guardians of art and time. With the people of the earth. And above all, too, with you.

Come learn to do, namely to perpetuate.

How to participate
These workshops do not have prior registration. Just show up at the indicated locations during the scheduled period.
FREE Participation.

Artistic Workshop "Artes das Bilhas Empedradas" at the Hotel Monte Filipe.
Saturday 17 November 2018 - 16: 00h 19:00

It is time to put your hands in the mass, or better in the clay, to produce your own pool. Regional pottery made of clay, where the water-carrying vessels originate in prehistoric times since humans began to shape the earth and use these artifacts for daily use.

However, throughout this production is a unique decorative feature, which is the harmonious and decorative placement of small grains of white stone that make these jars into objects of an indescribable beauty with a unique personality.

Artistic Workshop "Arts of the Soap", in the Museum of the Soap of Belver
Sunday 18 November 2018 - 16:00 a.m. 18:00

Taking advantage of the abundance of raw materials necessary for the production of soap, the Alto Alentejo zone had since the second half of the sixteenth century a decisive importance in the national savory industry. The production of soap has assumed undeniable economic and social importance in the village of Belver. In this locality was installed a Royal Factory of Soap, that worked in regime of regal monopoly, of which still today are vestiges. A royal concession dynamized Belver's parish economically, and some real soap operas, taking advantage of the knowledge acquired and the availability of the main raw materials, created their own artisanal industries when this monopoly ended in 1858. The soap production in these molds lasted until the first half of the twentieth century, and for several decades was a structuring element in the economy of the Belver region. The restoration and transformation of Belver's former elementary school at the Museum of Soap is a tribute to the collective memory of Belver's saboiros. Now put your hands on the soap and good foam.

Artistic Workshop "Artes de Bordados e Aplicados" at the Hotel Monte Filipe.
Saturday 24 November 2018 - 16: 00h 19:00

"From a very old tradition, although its origin is impossible to date with rigor, the embroidery of Nisa arrives to us due to a strong traditionalism of the local people, with main emphasis on the respect for the customs of the marriage: the bed of the bride, to which the name of a grave bed, was usually adorned with bedspreads, blankets, sheets and towels, often produced by her own, and which made her pride, the delights of the visitors, and the naive envy of the married girls. Museum of Clay and Embroidery.

It's impossible not to like it. Come and see the work live and risk grabbing the line, the treasure, the tissues and the needle.

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